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Savoy Therapy’s In-Home Physical Therapy Advantage

Savoy Therapy was established in 2011 to provide our patients receive therapy in the comfort of their own home to live independently and avoid nursing home placement.

Are you a senior unable to leave your home to seek physical therapy? Is chronic pain, unpredictable fatigue, constant fear of falling or complete lack of mobility restricting you from seeking physical therapy that you need?

Savoy Therapy was created just to address just this pressing need for seniors in need of physical therapy in their own home.

By bringing professional, licensed and high-quality physical therapy to the homes of debilitated seniors, we provide them with an opportunity to use physical therapy sessions to battle their way back to a rehabilitated, fulfilling and empowered life.

  • Professional physical therapy facilitated right in your home
  • Customized physical therapy to help you
    • Alleviate pain
    • Increase strength
    • Attain balance
    • Increase confidence
    • Enjoy a more active lifestyle
  • Physical therapy that is coordinated with your caregivers

Who will benefit from In-Home Physical Therapy from Savoy Therapy?

If you or someone you know is a 65+ Senior in need of physical therapy and…

  • Cannot drive to a physical therapy facility
  • Too weak to commute to a physical therapy facility
  • Suffer from a constant fear of falling
  • Unable to leave home without help, help that is often unavailable
  • Anxious about commuting in inclement weather

Call Savoy Therapy at (217) 898-8393 to Learn How We Can Help with Your Physical Therapy Needs, Right At Your Home

Who we are at Savoy Therapy?

Savoy Therapy was established in 2011 and has since quickly become an established, reputed and reliable provider of in-home physical therapy to senior citizens residing in and around Illinois. With a combined staff experience of over 75 years, Savoy Therapy has with time carefully specialized in providing life-altering physical therapy to senior citizens who cannot leave their home, due to sheer physical inability.

Our Service Philosophy

At Savoy Therapy, physical therapist truly understand how frustrating it can be for senior citizens to not be able to access high-quality physical therapy, simply because they can’t venture out of their homes. Not providing physical therapy to the very people who need it most is the very reason why Savor Therapy came into existence.

Now, after nearly a decade of service, we are extremely proud to be able to provide the latest in physical therapy care to seniors, in the comfort of their homes, assisted living facility or memory care center.

With a team specialized in charting and augmenting physical therapy rehabilitation programs specifically designed for people with advanced aging, we are proud to say that we have given hundreds of debilitated seniors another chance at enjoying an active and rewarding lifestyle.

All of our patient relationships are treated on a one-on-one basis, with therapy aimed to address the very specific and unique needs of each patient. Whether those needs are alleviation of pain, the increase of strength, or increased mobility, we ensure sustained physical therapist-client relationships to maximize outcomes of your sessions.

At Savoy Therapy, our goal is to provide patients with in-home physical therapy that will simply change their life.