What is Pediatric Physical Therapy?

The Magic of Play – From birth, children are eager to play, explore and learn. They learn to explore and interact with their surroundings through rolling, crawling, walking, running and jumping…all through play. It’s the playing that prepares them for adulthood.

Some children face developmental challenges meeting their milestones, making it difficult for them to interact, learn, explore and play.

Physical Therapy is recommended for children who are not meeting their milestones, for example, not crawling by 3-6 months, not sitting by 6-9 months, not crawling by 9-12 months, not walking by 12-16 months or running by 24 months.

Because we specialize in treating children, therapy is based on play activities in their natural environment (home,daycare, babysitter’s) utilizing balls, blocks,swings, riding toys, trampolines and other age appropriate toys.

Our goal is to help you and your child achieve their milestones, participate in family routines, play and grow, like you would want them to and get them ready for pre-school.

When does Physical Therapy help?

Your child can benefit from Physical Therapy for a variety of reasons such as:

  • My child is 3 months but is not able to hold his or her head
  • My 3 month old child tilts her head to the left. At first I thought it was cute, now I’m concerned that she’s not able to look in other directions and she’s getting a flat head.
  • My child is 6 months and is not rolling over
  • My child is 9 months but is still not sitting or crawling yet
  • My child is a year old but is still not standing yet
  • My child is 18 months but is not walking yet
  • My child is clumsy and falls often
  • My child is not able to keep up with his or her peers at the playground
  • Our son just got diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Who can help him?
  • Our child has a diagnosis of Down’ Syndrome. How can Physical Therapy help?

When your child is not meeting their developmental milestones or receives a diagnosis with long term implications, Savoy Therapy can partner with you in helping you achieve their milestones through therapy and home programming, one step at a time.

Our Therapists are registered therapist and credentialed through State of Illinois Early Intervention Program to provide therapy.

We are here to help you and your child through therapy, home program and communicating with your Pediatrician and other specialists to reach their maximum potential.