When I thought my knee and hip were hopeless, Kris came along and I made amazing improvements. I am not done with the pit yet, but I see the beginning of the end. I recommend him very highly.

Emily W

I cannot say enough good things about Savoy Therapy Services. My mother needed in-home therapy after a hip fracture. Savoy was able to get her on their schedule in just a few days. Kris came out and gave some very helpful suggestions for making the home more “friendly” for her. My mother raved about how kind and caring all the staff who treated her were. Great people – highly recommended!

Emily Eisenman
Emily Eisenman recommends Savoy Therapy

Emmett had a rough start to his life on 7.5.14, he was born with part of his brain outside his skull, underwent multiple surgeries and was sent home on hospice. He was referred to Savoy Therapy in April 2015, he was struggling to roll over or sit up by himself. After receiving Physical Therapy at home, twice a week, Emmett is now walking sitting, pulling himself forward, standing and walking with support.



Mrs. Usher is a retired school teacher, lives at home with her husband, Gene. Her health worsened last year and after a brief hospital stay, she spent a few months at a nursing home in Champaign before returning home in June 2016. When she returned home, Mrs. Usher was not able to get out of her bed without help and couldn’t stand or walk. After extensive therapy, she is now able to get out of bed with minimal help, stand with a walker and walk short distances with help. Mrs. Usher, like a teacher, is hardworking and disciplined, continues to receive therapy at home and hopes to walk on her own soon.

Gloria Usher


Savoy Therapy is here to help keep you active, safe, independent and at home. Request a home assessment today and let’s see what we can do for you.